Register for Proact Sync 2018

Proact Sync is Proact´s annual half-day event for IT professionals. The aim is to gather curious
IT professionals and business leaders working in successful organizations of all shapes and sizes to exchange knowledge and get the latest tips and tricks from Proact experts and our valued partners.

You will have the opportunity to engage with a range of businesses, learning from their experiences, while exploring many unique solutions. By the end of the day, you should be filled with inspiration from Proact, our partners and peers alike, and have a clearer picture about their status and the future of their business IT.

By offering attendees interesting stories from the stage, valuable interaction with our partners and round table/deep dive discussions we are confident that we will succeed with this concept!

This year Proact will host the event in 5 cities around the Nordics. For more information on the specific events, choose the country you are interested in through the links below:


Read more and Register: Proact Sync in Norway

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